Private banking customers generally receive professional personalized services. An account or relationship manager at Global Business Trust KB is assigned to each customer to tailor a customized approach to fund and asset management transactions. This allows the customer to liaise directly with management, should the need arise. Currently we manage the following active companies:

1. Global Business Trust KB
2. Standard Mutual Pte Ltd
3. Standard Mutual Building Society
4. Standard Mutual Holdings Ltd
5. SMG Securities Ltd
6. Mutual Standard Insurance Company
7. Central Beacon Holdings Limited
8. Kamag Anstalt Group
9. Decalinx (Pty) Ltd
10. Pendragon Wines (Pty) Ltd
11. Gifts-n-Goodies Mall


Our Services

High Net Worth Clients (HNWC) typically receive discounted services at private banks due to their substantial funds and/or assets. For example, customers who operate exporting businesses may receive a reduced foreign exchange rate. Private banks often provide HNWC with investment returns that outperform the market, these customers can leverage extensive resources. For example, a HNWC may be given access to an exclusive top-performing hedge fund through an affiliation with a private bank. Services consist of the setting up and management of:


  • Commercial Banks
  • Private Banks
  • E-wallets
  • Online Payment System


  • Investment Funds
  • Trust Companies
  • Investment Clubs
  • Credit Union Etc.



Given the nature of our Commodity Business Cycle, we're in a growth mode, which requires a certain level of TRUST in a Secure System

Martin Menaged - Gold Clearing Ltd. - CEO


Because of the personal relationship with clients, I like your sincere approach. When you call you know your request will be strategised

Jack Rooy - Bankcity Inc. - CEO