By combining the investment and merchant banking worlds, we created an environment similar to a banking environment, which is conducive to our client’s specific needs in international commodity trading and the relevant financial markets. We achieve this through understanding our customers and their business prospects. We also understand the customer’s necessity to utilize our products/services or plan to use them to create wealth and in certain cases EXPONENTIAL wealth!.

This leads us to understand the impact expected in the markets from our products and services. With the data collected and analysed we can articulate a vision for a successful implementation of objectives or an alternate proposition to secure the clients wealth. We also know our competition and we are aware of our capabilities, therefor we can guarantee cost effective trades and proper security for these trades.


The investor has complete discretion to delegate investment decisions and portfolio management to Global Business Trust KB. Based on the investment goals, the financial assets are invested in commodities, money markets (global currency trading though few structured option programs), equities, bonds, mutual funds etc offering low risk and high returns and managed prudently. A discretionary asset management mandate is preferred choices for investors who want to hold international diversified portfolios but allows Global Business Trust KB make their investment decisions.                                    

1.       Money Market

Money market funds are designed for stability of capital and convenient access to funds. They’re a smart solution for short-term savings such as an emergency reserve. It is a subsection of the fixed income market. Fixed income security comes in the form of various bonds. The difference between the money market and the bond market is that the money market specializes in very short-term investments also called cash investments because of their short maturities. Money market securities are essentially currency trading, equities, mutual funds apart from bonds. 

2.      Types of available accounts by Global Business Trust KB :

            2.1    Capital Guaranteed Trading

Any investor who has an available fund of USD100, 000 can participate in this ultimate commodity trading system. It allows investors to secure their capital completely whilst they are given USD10, 000 to trade freely in the FOREX market without affecting their capital in event of losses. Licensed firms pay a minimum return of interest per annum or monthly, based on the payment structure required by the investor. This system applies to any investment from USD100, 000 and above.

2.2 Equities

Global Business Trust KB prides us on original thinking and research. We also believe strongly in portfolio transparency. Implicit in our style is a rejection of commoditized products and closet indexing; our business therefore stands or falls on whether we can genuinely add value to investor wealth through our strategic partnerships.

We operate as an independent commodity trading company, free of the conflicts of interest that can affect integrated financial groups. Although we are publicly quoted, management and staff are significant owners of the business. Fund management is all that we do.

Global Business Trust KB equity process is continuously evolving but its central tenets are an emphasis on original research, the identification of businesses that we can understand and the elimination of downside risks through price disciplines. Our approach works equally well in developed markets, since fundamentals drive returns over the long term.

3.      Main Strengths

3.1 Active Management: Our aim is to add value by identifying good quality securities, defined in terms of management and business model, which are attractively priced. Stock selection is the key source of equity alpha. We downplay benchmarks in portfolio construction since these provide little clue to future performance.

3.2    Proprietary research: Our equity managers always visit companies before investing, making thousands of visits annually to existing and prospective holdings. Every contact is documented in detail. If a security fails our screens, we will not own it, irrespective of its index weight.

3.3    Long-term focus: Strategies are simple: buy-and-hold; add on the dips; take profits on price run-ups. This reduces transaction costs and keeps portfolios focused. We rarely focus on short-term returns.

3.4    Bonds
Bonds are known as "fixed-income" securities in the money market because the amount of income the bond will generate each year is "fixed," or set, when the bond is sold. No matter what happens or who holds the bond, it will generate exactly the same amount of money.

There are four basic kinds of bonds, all defined by who is selling the debt.

a. The Federal Government Bonds. Government bonds are called Treasuries because they are sold by the Treasury Department. Treasuries come in a variety of different "maturities," or lengths of time until maturity, ranging from three months to 30 years. Various types of Treasuries include Treasury notes, Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and inflation-indexed notes. These all vary based on maturity and amount of interest paid. The Treasury Department also sells savings bonds as well as other types of debt through the Bureau of the Public Debt. Treasuries are guaranteed by the U.S. government and are free of state and local taxes on the interest they pay.

b. Other government agencies. Some government agencies and quasi-government agencies sell bonds backed by the full faith and credit of the country for specific purposes, such as funding home ownership.

c. Corporate bonds. Companies sell debt obligations through the public securities market just as they sell stock. A company has a lot of flexibility as to how much debt it can issue and what interest rate it will pay, although it must make the bond attractive enough to interest investors or no one will buy them. Corporate bonds normally carry higher interest rates than government bonds because there is a risk that the company could go bankrupt and default on the bond, unlike the government, which can just print more money if it really needs it. High-yield bonds, also known as junk bonds, are corporate bonds issued by companies whose credit quality is below investment grade. Some corporate bonds are called convertible bonds because they can be converted into stock if certain provisions are met.

d. State and local governments (munis). Because state and local governments can go, they have to offer competitive interest rates just like corporate bonds. Unlike corporations, though, the only way that a state can get more income is to raise taxes on its citizens, always an unpopular move. As a way around this problem, the federal government permits state and local governments to sell bonds that are free of federal income tax on the interest paid. State and local governments can also waive state and local income taxes on the bonds, so even though they pay lower rates of interest, for borrowers in high tax brackets the bonds can actually have a higher after-tax yield than other forms of fixed-income investments.

The type of lender will determine many of a bond's features. But there are other characteristics to consider besides the lender.

4.      Mutual Funds

4.1    Operational Details of Money Market Mutual Funds There are three instances when money market mutual funds exists because of their liquidity are particularly suitable investments. First, money market mutual funds offer a convenient parking place for cash reserves when an investor is not quite ready to purchase an individual stock, bond or mutual fund for his or her long-term portfolio holdings. Money market mutual funds offer ultimate safety and liquidity. This means that investor will have an expected sum of cash at the very moment that they need it.

 Secondly, an investor holding a basket of mutual funds from a single fund company may occasionally want to transfer assets from one fund to another. If, however, the investor wants to sell a fund before deciding on another fund to purchase, a money market mutual fund offered by the same fund company may be a good place to park the proceeds of sale. Then, at the appropriate time, the investor may exchange his or her money market mutual fund holdings for shares of the other funds in the fund family.

 Thirdly, to benefit their investors, Global Business Trust KB regularly use money market mutual funds to provide cash management services. Putting a client's dormant cash into money market mutual funds will earn the client an extra percentage point (or two) in annual returns above those earned by other possible investments.

Money market mutual funds are designed to offer features that are particularly suited to the needs of small investors. Minimum initial investments range from $500 to $5,000, whereas the minimum initial investments of other money market instruments range from $5,000 to $100,000, or even higher.

 Investors can purchase money market mutual funds directly from Global Business Trust KB just as other asset management’s products. Money market mutual funds also offer some simplified withdrawal features that are more typically associated with bank or trust accounts. For example, money market funds allow investors to withdraw assets by writing checks, usually of a minimum amount, say, $500 per check. If the investor does not want to write a check as a means of withdrawing funds, he or she can easily redeem shares by requesting payment by mail or by remittance through a wire transfer to his or her bank account.

5.      Categories of Money Market Mutual Funds

 Money market mutual funds may contain a specific type of money market security or a combination of securities across a wide spectrum. Second important categorization for money market mutual funds relates to their taxable or tax-exempt status. Taxable funds invest in securities such as Treasury bills and commercial paper, whose interest income is subject to federal taxation. Tax-exempt funds invest exclusively in securities that are issued by state and local governments and are exempt from federal taxation. Tax-exempt funds generally appeal to those investors in a higher federal tax bracket who are seeking tax savings on the overall interest income generated by their portfolios.

 Some tax-exempt funds purchase only securities issued by governments within a particular state. If an investor can find such a fund for his or her home state, that investor can earn interest income that is exempt from federal, state and perhaps even local income taxes. Tax-exempt money market mutual funds have the potential to offer a triple-whammy tax reprieve for investors!

6.      Conclusion
Just as equity mutual funds have greatly simplified the world of equity investing, money market mutual funds have made money market investing accessible to individual retail investors. Money market mutual funds are among the safest and most liquid financial instruments widely available. Moreover, money market funds offer modest initial investment requirements and provide simple procedures for withdrawing funds by check or transfer to a bank account. Finally, if they choose carefully, purchasers of certain tax-exempt money market funds may also enjoy relief from federal, state and even local taxation. 

STORED VALUE FACILITY ( "LOGIN" to register an account)

STANDARD MUTUAL PTE LTD is a stored value facility (“SVF”) that is used for the payment of goods or services up to the stored value of the account. A person who wishes to use a SVF (“user”) will purchase/transfer to their SVF account a certain stored value. This stored value amount is paid in advance to the stored value account holder/owner of a SVF (“holder”). Thereafter, the user will be able to use the SVF to purchase goods or services from merchants who accept the stored value in the SVF as payment (“merchants”). These merchants will redeem from the holder the stored value that they have accepted from users. SVFs can be provided in different forms, such as smart cards, contact-less cards, magnetic stripe cards, paper vouchers, micro -chips and internet accounts. Certain forms of SVFs allow for the “topping up” of additional stored value in consideration of cash or other means of payment. The account holder plays an important role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the SVF. If the account holder is unable to meet its obligations to users or merchants, both users and merchants may be inconvenienced or even financially affected, thereby leading to a loss of confidence in the SVF. This could occur when there is a disruption in the SVF operation, or when the holder has not prudently managed the money collected from users. These Guidelines recommend sound principles and risk mitigating measures for the operation of a SVF. They address important issues, such as transparency, disclosure, public confidence, stored value protection, prevention of money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism. By issuing these Guidelines, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) aims to advance the safety and soundness of SVFs and promote user confidence.

GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST KB ("GBT"), is a regulated provider of Trust Management Services and is registered in SWEDEN as a Limited Partnership, which is also a full member of the European Union. In addition to registration in the Swedish Company registry, GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST KB is also subject to registration as Regulated Service Provider in accordance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (Law 62:2009). GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST KB as a legal entity is subject to Swedish AML laws and the Supervisory Authority for AML purposes is the Stockholm County Administrative Board. GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST KB comes complete with Certificates of Registration evidencing compliance with this Act. GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST KB can manage any type of asset held in Trust for any number of clients (individuals or legal entities) resident anywhere in the world. Amounts invested are not required to be paid up. Partners can be physical individuals or legal entities of any nationality and resident anywhere in the world. There are no limitations on the types of assets that can be placed under management by GLOBAL BUSINESS TRUST. Assets can include but are not limited to: • Cash Deposits (No Currency Restrictions) • Stocks • Bonds • Debentures • Mutual Funds • Hedge Funds • Any type of Securities • Commodities • Precious Metals • Real Estate • Investments in General
STANDARD MUTUAL offers access to a new unique USD/EUR/GBP Prepaid VISA ® and MasterCard ® program. One of the most powerful features of this card program, is the ability for smaller financial institutions to have their own card branding, at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with custom (white label) card programs.  Utilizing our new Visa ® and MasterCard ® card creation process, new designs can now be approved and deployed quickly. No longer is there a requirement to prepay for 5000 cards or more. By committing to as little as 500 cards, smaller financial institutions can also benefit from the added advantage of aligning their branding with the Visa ® and MasterCard ® brands.
SMG Sec-Trader If you’re passionate about trading, investing or even learning about stocks, then SMG Sec-Trader is for you. Achieve your trading and investing goals by buying or selling securities, stocks, bonds and shares on any Stock Exchange. The SE allows you to invest in securities, shares, exchange traded funds (ETFS), exchange traded notes (ETNs), warrants and preference shares. We help you on your investment journey by: Providing state-of-the-art, simple, interactive trading and charting tools; Allowing you to trade easily, over the phone or on the SMG app.; Accessing our dedicated team of investment specialists from our Trading Desk; Giving you the option to choose between delayed, live or streamed prices; Receiving the latest market research and analysis on securities, shares, currencies and indices; Letting you set smart price alerts that notify you when prices change; Having the ability to set stop-losses to control your risk and manage your portfolio effectively; Receiving live news updates from our dedicated trading team on your customised dashboard; Linking multiple accounts to one user; We also participate in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and private placements on your behalf, getting access to the first sales of stock by a private company to the public.
At Mutual Standard Insurance we aim to be professional and diligent in providing and protecting our loved ones from harm and loss. Life happens fast and as they say, everyday occurrences are unforeseen. In today’s volatile economic climate it has become increasingly important to only pay for the things you really need, and not waste money on products you don’t need. Your insurance cover is therefore one of those crucial elements to wisely consider and place in the right environment. Mutual Standard Insurance employs a team of professional insurance experts who have creatively selected and thus developed intelligent insurance products that cater for every type of insurance requirement of your insurance portfolio and directly link the cost to your pocket. Mutual Standard Insurance offers you affordable and specific benefit packages where you can build your own insurance portfolio - according to the specific needs of your business, your private portfolio and that of your family. We developed a few combination plans where Mutual Standard Insurance has conveniently merged popular choice benefits – and made them available to you at a discounted premium. At Mutual Standard Insurance your insurance portfolio is seen as our priority and thus our dedication to being your insurance guardian remains the key focus. We make absolutely sure that “paying only for what you need, and thereby you pay less”.
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